4 Ways Addiction Affects Your Career

Do you remember as a child when your parents, or other adults, would try to tell you that your actions don’t just affect you?

At such a young age it can be hard to comprehend that our actions can affect those around us as well.

Well, sometimes though, even as we grow older, we still lack the ability to see this. And, this especially presents itself in the lives of addicts. Oftentimes, someone who is suffering from an addiction has a hard time seeing that their actions are negatively affecting their families, friends, and even co-workers and strangers.

But, not only can an addiction affect the people around you, it can also affect other areas of your life. So, while you might think an addiction is just something you participate in at home and it has no effect on your social life or work life – it does.

Here are a few ways addiction affects your career:

    1. It can give you a criminal record.

      Most jobs do a background check before officially offering you the position. And, a criminal record – especially one for drugs, alcohol, or something of that nature – can be a huge red flag to an employer.

      Even if it was just a one time deal, you might find yourself getting turned away time and time again because the employer sees you as a liability rather than an asset.

    2. It can cost you your job.

      Maybe you don’t have a criminal record and maybe you already have a good job. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose it.

      Showing up to work consistently late because of a hangover, slacking on your responsibilities because you are preoccupied with getting your next fix – all of these things could be grounds for termination.

    3. It could cost you loss of income.

      Of course, losing your job would be the ultimate loss of income. But, calling in sick when you don’t have sick days could be costly. Or, it could hinder you from getting promoted which could offer a financial advancement.

  1. It can make it difficult to get along with coworkers.

    Getting along with your coworkers is what helps set a good morale for the office. And, getting along with them is healthy for you considering work is likely where you spend most of your time. But, addiction can easily stand in the way of that.

Rather you are doing something you love or just need your job to get by – is your addiction really worth losing it?

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