3 Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Regardless of the industry, you worked in, if you have ever held a job at some point in your life then you have felt the stress that can stem from work. It can be intense and unique – especially since you are in a setting other than home and somewhere you spend the majority of your time.

And, work-related stress can be intense – even if you love what you do. It might start out as just the stress to meet a deadline, but, it can quickly turn into a chronic and overwhelming issue that can be both physically and mentally harmful to your health.

A few sources of work-related stress include:

  1. A low salary
  2. Too much work (an excessive workload)
  3. Too few opportunities for advancement or work-related growth
  4. A lack of social support
  5. Lack of challenging or engaging work
  6. Not enough control over work-related decisions
  7. Demands that are conflicting or unclear expectations regarding performance

And, they actually say that work-related stress can act as a trigger to addiction, meaning it is incredibly vital that you learn to manage it.

Work is part of life; we need to work to make money. But, chronic work-related stress does not have to be.

Sometimes, it is something that could even be fixed with a simple improvement in communication or a change in your daily routine. But, it is your responsibility to address it and find ways to handle it.

It is all about learning to handle your stress in a healthy way:

  1. Track what is causing you stress.
    Make note of when you are feeling stressed – when it started and what you think might have caused it. You have to determine the source to accurately address it.
  2. Learn how to respond in a healthy manner.
    Rather than running to the closest McDonald’s or grabbing a beer after a long day, try ending your day with a walk in the park or a meditation session. What you do when you are feeling stressed is what can foster your addiction. If you always go to beer to cope with a hard day, you are setting yourself up for an alcohol addiction.
  3. Establish boundaries.
    Sometimes, it can be hard to cut back on the overtime or not check your work email even after you are home for the day. But, you have to establish boundaries and stick to them in order to find that rest. There should always be a separation between work and play.

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