Employee assistance programme is commonly referred to as EAP, and it basically involves giving support to employees who are struggling with problems which are either work-related or personal.

The support could be like counselling, referrals or services which involves follow-up. The Employee assistance programme places focus on financial planning, legal help, mental health and childcare problems which employees go through.

Having the freedom to therapy which comes at no cost for mental health conditions, can aid in reducing the worries which comes with the cost for acute problems. Hence, employees are encouraged to take advantage of the merits which this programme comes with, thereby contributing to the trend of prevention.

When mental health problem is dealt with before it gets more serious, it reduces suffering and the money which could be incurred in treatment.

There are some important ideas which needs to be considered in order to maximize the responsiveness of your employee assistance program when it comes to mental health issues.

The first is, the choice about the counselling method which is offered. The counselling service needs to be accessible in order to match the broad range of personal interference, which also comprises face to face counselling, e-counselling, group sessions, telephone counselling and the likes.

Also, there should be Stay at work services, which needs to contain the need to intervene prior to when someone is absent from work, in order to provide solution to performance and conflict issues as well.

Education and information sessions are also ideas which needs to be considered when it comes to the workplace mental health, and it is necessary for both employees and the management as well.

For some companies, they may require around 100 hours in a year, and if it has to be effective, incentives need to be provided for employees so that they can attend.

In addition to this, referral and assessment services needs to be included, and it always come in handy whenever there is a mental health suspicion, and there are should be connection to important and trusted resources.